The Launch

Some will. Some won’t.
I already have, so I thank you for your interest!

At this point you already know that I’ve written a book and I’m about to publish it. Maybe I know I’m going to write another? Maybe six more… or maybe it’s a Brand Monster series in the making? It might just be likely that I have no idea what will come next, but I sure would love to know who my readers are.

So far, 0 (yes it’s a real counter) people have decided that The Brand Monster is something they will be super-duper excited to read . Seeing as though humans are pack animals, it wouldn’t shock me to know that you’ll want to do the same. That said, I’ve made it really easy to join the mailing list. I personally read each submission, so I’ve asked for things like your twitter handle and a web address if you have them.

As an aside, I know that not all of you will purchase the book once it’s in print and that’s okay. Some of you will hold out and try to borrow it from a smart friend… and some might just pray that it’ll end up in a Kindle format for nine bucks (nope). Regardless, I appreciate the overwhelming support and look forward to delivering an over whelming book.

Thankfully Yours,

The Brand Monster: Why Size Doesn’t Matter

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