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I wrote this book because after a dozen years in the business, I’ve uncovered brands who don’t care, individuals who won’t try, and a variety of combinations all with the same result. Blatantly crappy behavior. That my friends… is a problem. A problem not only worth writing about, but one worth fixing. This is a book about brands; by the guy who builds ‘em.

The Brand Monster
Why size doesn’t matter.

The Brand Monster is a book. An awesome book I might add. A peek behind the iron curtain. A series of conversations. A discussion of the dichotomy between big business and big influence. Because today, they are not one in the same.

With the internet more powerful than ever, and the once ignored world of social media providing power for the everyman – It’s about time that branding becomes something you not only believe in, but live by. The rules of yesteryear no longer apply.

Size doesn’t matter – but your voice does, and this is your chance to learn how to use it.

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 What makes this book different?
 Nothing really… except almost everything.

It’s written by a guy and printed on paper (hopefully). It has a sexy cover (I’m not biased) and the layout was chosen over a weekend riddled with pizza and bourbon. The tag line about size; has inappropriate innuendos… and I too, read 5 zillion articles and spoke to countless experts before deciding that writing this book was a good idea. I even thought about starting with a blog… but that’s where it stops because you guessed it, I didn’t do that either.

So I guess what really makes this book different… is that it makes sense. It’s to the point. I don’t sugar coat and I don’t pull punches. It’s raw, real, and unabridged. It’s a book about a not so mythical creature with an insatiable appetite for the timid and unprepared. It’s all about your voice and the power of you. It’s about The Brand Monster.

Why is it worthy of a read?
Other than the title? Glad you asked.

Against the advice of my editors – I use the occasional cuss word and tend to type like I speak. I incessantly use punctuation in ways that I feel are more appropriate than my 7th grade English teacher taught (Sorry Mrs. Breaux) and as you can tell, I have an affinity for the parentheses. Depending on publication, I may one day admit to quietly crying in the corner of my favorite bar over any future (unfounded) crappy review…

I’m also not likely to do an online release either. The Brand Monster belongs on a shelf (or pulpit), not buried on some tablet somewhere (stop crying you Kindle cheapos). Lastly, I’m so confident that The Brand Monster will help you and your business – I’ve paid for the publishing myself and that… should be worth the read on its own.

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