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They say pictures speak volumes  
and equal too typing about a thousand words


Factoids, Preferences, and a splash of inspiration

My professional life.  
Yeah, I get things done

I’ve been in charge of marketing in an executive capacity for more than a dozen companies and startups over the years. Some good and some not so hot. While I primarily accept only contract positions while they are gearing up for acquisition or sale. I’ve been known to invest money and time into the occasional worthy business model, software, or startup as well. All of which, are learning experiences that have contributed to the writing of The Brand Monster. Oh, that and the best coffee on the planet too.

Currently, I do a few things full time. First, I’m man of the house although I have two women that rule the roost. One is my kitty named Pickles. After taking care of house and home, I am the President of IOKON Ad Agency. We operate offices in cities all over the US and three countries.  If you’d like to learn more about what we do, please visit IOKON’s website.

I’m also a brand mercenary. A hired gun. If you’re interested in reading about that side of my life, speaking gigs, or just doing some kick ass contract work… you can visit The Director of Awesome for more.

My personal life.  
Bourbon lover and Twitter hoe

It’s a mixed bag of nuts. I’ve been through a lot in my time; and while my time may or may not be as long as your time… I’ve been able to enjoy quite a bit of this thing called life. That said,let’s talk about the fun stuff I do… I love to travel but I hate France (not the French). I am a bar fly collector, people watcher, and occasional pool player. I think movies are fun but casinos are more fun. I shaved my legs once to catch a better tan and was born with a gray patch of hair on the back of my head. My cat talks and my lady is great at making lists.

Online… I’ve got an average Klout score of 64 and it’s a good thing I only write about brands, because I can’t seem to figure out their algorithm. I have anywhere from twelve to thirty-five thousands followers on twitter and a couple thousand fans on Facebook. My social media management tool of choice is Sprout Social as it’s the best I’ve found. I couldn’t satisfy my addiction for domain names without GoDaddy or my dedicated server thanks to HostGator. None of those are affiliate links, and none have paid me to list them so they are safe to click.

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